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Deborah Delbridge is a Christian author, speaker and business woman.  Deborah’s unique insight into the subconscious mind has opened up our understanding of human behavior and emotional health as well as brought us a deeper understanding of faith and victorious living. She is the founder and President of Covenant Connection Ministries and she is ordained by Embassy Ministerial Association. She has also achieved levels of success in the corporate world and she has pioneered her own companies in the field of real estate, mortgage, and debt settlement. Deborah current maintains her real estate company and is open to ministry opportunities as doors open and the Holy Spirit leads her. 


“Real Stories of Angels, Demons & the Supernatural”

Written by Deborah Delbridge, “Real Stories of Angels, Demons & the Supernatural” is a fascinating read that is a memoir of encounters the author has had with angels, demons and other supernatural occurrences.



Irvine, CA Covenant Connection Ministries is pleased to announce Deborah Delbridge’s latest book “Real Stories of Angels, Demons & the Supernatural”.  Deborah has had more than her fair share of experiences with the paranormal and spirit entities. Deborah provides personal information that enables readers to connect with her story as she unequivocally relays content and remains candid about her life events. Deborah Delbridge includes many examples of angels and demons that illustrate the reality of both forces. Stimulating stories containing engaging supernatural themes of ghosts, haunted houses, astrology, demonic energy and the importance of sustaining a relationship with God to overpower demonic energies punctuates this read.

Readers will be fascinated by the array of topics in the book. The book isn’t just a memoir of supernatural experiences; it is much more. It demonstrates how many types of anxiety can have demonic oppression at their root. It teaches the reader techniques for conducting exorcisms. It brings illumination about the workings of our subconscious mind and behavior patterns. It educates the reader on how to improve their discernment so they can hear God’s voice more clearly for themselves. It details how to receive healing for physical ailments. The book has the insights and observations that can bring emotional healing for those that have walked through abortion or the death of a loved one by suicide or disease.  Even though the book touches on so many issues, it is well written and flows cohesively. The last chapter even encourages the reader to pick up their lost dreams and to believe again.

Truly, this is a book that everyone should read.

“Real Stories of Angels, Demons& the Supernatural”, published by Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is available in paperback format (ISBN 978-1-62697-558-3); e-book on Amazon-Kindle, Barnes & Noble-Nook & Apple iBook is also available (ISBN 978-1-62697-559-0).  Retailers may order “Real Stories of Angels, Demons & the Supernatural” through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is be available online through,, and


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Deborah also authored a truly inspired book entitled "Diseases of the Soul" that discusses how our beliefs and behaviors are driven from our subconscious mind rather than our conscious mind. Most people are not aware of their true motives since true motive originate from the subconscious mind. The book "Diseases of the Soul" discusses our propensities towards certain sins and behaviors and brings the reader a much greater understanding of human behavior. 

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