Deborah Delbridge



This book will change your life! 

  •  It describes encounters with angels and demons as well as experiences with supernatural protection.
  • The book addresses the recent killing sprees and how the devil has launched a new campaign to use people for evil and to instill fear.  Fear and faith are opposites and this book will help you expel fear and it will increase you faith.
  • It provides real life “how to’s” for spiritual matters. You will learn how to identify demonic oppression.  The book breaks down the “nuts and bolts” of faith and explains how to obtain healing through faith in a very easy to understand fashion. It also teaches you how to increase your discernment so you can hear God’s voice more clearly.
  • The book touches on many vital issues including anxiety, abortion, suicide and death. 

It’s a powerful book that everyone should read.

The book is currently available on but there will be a link to purchase the book directly from this site by linking over to the publishers bookstore.  As soon as that is available, that link will be set up.
$15.49 paperback plus shipping and handling
$8.99 e-book on Kindle, Nook, & ibook

Click Here to buy "Real Stories of Angels, Demons & the Supernatural"


"DISEASES OF THE SOUL", by Deborah Delbridge

$12.99 paperback
plus shipping and handling

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